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Name: Garima Achatwal
Age: 23
Sizes: 34D-24-34
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5' 6 (170cm)
Origin: Bangalore, India
Languages: English, Hindi
Location: Bangalore

About Me

I am Garima, thank you for checking my profile! I am definitely the one who is absolutely perfect for you. Are you looking for positive energy? Then you will appreciate that I suit your desires. I am a lady of your dream who should be elegant, discreet, exquisite, stylish, and glamorous. Along with all these qualities I am professionally model cum independent Bangalore escort.

As a model I have often been invited by people to participate in escort banglore, VIP parties, business parties, social events, gathering or any occasion. Whenever I get involved in any event people often stare at me, I recognize them they are admiring my beauty. My profession helps them to make their fantasies real.

Basically, I am from Delhi. I completed my schooling in Delhi and then I went to Mumbai.

Is there something you want to know about me?

I always wanted to become a model and Mumbai was my first step to make my dream come true. I was a college student where I used to participate in the beauty contest. I won the competition and one of the best fashion designer who came to appreciate us he offered me to join his model agency. I was quite excited and I accepted his offer. That was the first day of my modelling career.

I didn't expect that people will appreciate me so well. They all were talking about my beauty that day I realize that why my college friends often made me realize that I should grow my career as a model. I had not finished my college yet, and I did not continue because I could see that I am a next top model of tomorrow. I have no regrets about my decision because I was right. Today I am a successful model. As a model, I started my career when I was Eighteen I have been in this profession for five years.

Why did I choose to become model escort in Bangalore?

I am passionate! Being a model I am always busy. I also wanted to enjoy and live my life with full of joy. Of course, I am model but it was not enough for me. When I started my career as a model that time I was quite happy because it was my start-up. But modelling doesn't give us a happy life. Owing to being always busy I was very frustrated. I was no happy at all. Whenever I got to involve any VIP function, people used to offer me to accompany them privately. But I used to always deny.

Once, I met with a man at the business party who said that he is leading a female model agency in Bangalore which was very popular for its elite models. He wanted me to join. I thought it would be fine. At least I will feel refreshed by changing the place. I went to Bangalore, and guess what I saw. There were hundreds of elite models who used to provide escorts service in Bangalore after their modelling assignments. By doing this they can feel satisfied and overcome their desperation. So I chose to become an independent escort in Bangalore.


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Dinner Date ₹50000 ₹50000
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