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Bangalore Vip Escort Model Myra 8123369453

bangalore vip escort model Myra


Name: Myra
Age: 22
Sizes: 36B-24-34
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5' 4 (165cm)
Origin: Bangalore, India
Languages: English, Hindi
Location: Bangalore

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I personally like to be comfortable with the guy I'm with. I'm not the type of girl who have to have a blue dress or wear anything expensive in order for a man to look at me. When you're with me, I want you to feel relaxed in my presence and that you will like talking about yourself and what you've done during your lifetime.

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1hr ₹15000 ₹15000
4hr ₹25000 ₹25000
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Dinner Date ₹50000 ₹50000
Overnight ₹70000 ₹70000


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