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Sexy Air Hostess Esha 8123369453


Name: Esha
Age: 20
Sizes: 34-28-35
Hair: Black
Eyes: Black
Height: 5' 7 (165cm)
Origin: Bangalore, India
Languages: English, Hindi
Location: Bangalore

About Me

Welcome to all appearance at my profile! My name is Esha, and I am an air hostess. By the way, I travel a lot due to my profession, but we can meet when I am in Bangalore. Like all air hostesses are beautiful, and I am also very beautiful. I am not only beautiful but has a very pretty face, good height- 5’7, hot figure- 34-28-35, alluring eyes, and seductive smile. My skin is fair and black hair. As I am an air hostess, hence I behave quite sophisticated, and I am a bold, friendly, and open-minded companion.

You will surely enjoy my company because I am a very good entertainer. You will surely enjoy my company because I am a very good entertainer. I will keep you entertained until you are with me. I am all the time available, whether you call me anytime day or night. One of my friends is in the same profession, and provide bangalore college escorts services also. You can hire me or my friend Julia Bangalore escorts. We both are good at completing erotic desires.


I am bored now after a lot of traveling. Now I want some personal space and time so I can live some lovely moments for myself. I want to date a sophisticated man and want him to satisfy all my fantasies. In return, I will complete all his unique desires. Furthermore, we can night-out and go-to discs, bars, restaurants, and VIP hotels in Bangalore.

I Can Escort You Better than Other Escorts in Bangalore

I provide high-end quality escorts service. I can prove that I am better than professional call girls in Bangalore. The quality of my service is way better than any escort girl. I can provide everything that you can't even expect any woman. It has been three years since I became an air hostess, and for more than that, I have been providing escort services. You can hire me for any reason, whether as a party companion or an erotic partner. You will not get disappointed.

Let me discuss the details of the services

I would like to start by saying that you can enjoy sensual fun with me precisely at any location. I can always come over to your place in the quest to satisfy your deep sensual urge. I will be neatly dressed until the door is closed behind and there should be no social concerns. You also have the option to book with me at the hotels. If nothing works out you are also invited to arrive at my place to enjoy the session. Hence, there are multiple options to enjoy sensual fun, and I present you with some of the most memorable moments in bed.

I am waiting to be seduced by you

I am a girl who loves it when you guys are seducing me. This allows me to open up more and I can take you to the extreme levels You hunks will surely love to penetrate the anal of a girl, However, the Indian society is conservative and unless you are married these sorts of pleasures are not possible. If you are desperate to enjoy such fun, you can book with me. I will offer you the best of such experiences in between the sheets. You are sure to enjoy yourself with me in bed and there is a lot more to expect.

A peek into some other services

Life is exciting with me in bed and the fun just does not stop even if you leave the bed. It is inside the room that I can offer you a lot more. You can always book a sensual massage session with me and via such exercise, I will look to offer stress relief in the most erotic manner. You will love to try out the variations ranging from lingam massage to the slides on the body. There are orals to enjoy and I will also offer you BDSM services. It should be nice with me inside the bedroom.


1hr ₹15000 ₹15000
4hr ₹25000 ₹25000
8hr ₹40000 ₹40000
Dinner Date ₹50000 ₹50000
Overnight ₹70000 ₹70000


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